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Brenda Bryce [userpic]

And Then... Now Available!

January 31st, 2008 (01:38 pm)

And Then... A futuristic/ scifi m/m short is now available at Changeling Press. Be sure to check out my webpage for all the details and aquiring information.

Brenda Bryce [userpic]

Updating before New Year

December 28th, 2007 (09:56 pm)

Well, This has ben an interesting year. I completed my first semester in college toward my AAS Medical Assistant degree. 4.0 baby... Yessiree. Anyway, I'm currently working on TS4 trying to get it done before the Spring semester starts on Jan 7. I'm trying.

So, have you checked out my website and the free mini story? www.brendabryce.com and click on the word FREE ect. Yes, you have to be 18 cause it's a tad... Ok, very naughty. Enjoy, if you're 18 or over.

What else... Not much. Been dealing with the family, a death in Florida that we had to attend, and did I mention my teens? Hubby has even been home all week, and we did NOTHING, but sit around watching tv and eating. LOL
Sounds like a good vacation.

Anyway, I just wanted to update you and tell you about the freebie read. I'm going to get back to writing now.

Brenda Bryce [userpic]

Update for you, About me.

November 9th, 2007 (08:57 am)

I'm a busy student type, who is nearly finished with my first semester. Currently, I am working on the fourth of the Society series and trying to get it done.
I've gotten some great reviews on several of my books and want to post them here, so keep your eyes out for them, because that's what I'm going to do. Post stuff.
Well, that, homework, (I've got two research papers due soon) and writing on TS4. Did I mention I'm busy? I've also been looking into what RT 2008 is going to run me so I can attend in April. Gonna have to complete some stories so I can pay for it. :)
Let's see... I think that's it for this update, but tonight I'll start posting those reviews for you.

Brenda Bryce [userpic]

School, wonderful School

August 9th, 2007 (09:00 am)

School started today for the district. Public school-kids are off the streets and contained in their zoo-cage classrooms until next summer. Yay! I've got a Senior and a Junior in high school and they are NOT sitting in front of the tv or eating me out of house and home out of boredom. They will be seeing friends and hanging out. Double yay!

The oldest teen has a job and her schedule is about 4 hours a day until school starts at the college level on the 22nd. At that time, I'll be joining her. I'll be a freshman in college, working toward my English degree. I figure it's time. Maybe I'll become a writer. Who knows. :) I'm also going to take Office Admin courses so I can work outside the home (or maybe inside depending on the availability) to pay for college. Hey, everyone should double major, just in case...

I'm working on TS4: Guardian's Spell right now, and I'll be taking my laptop with me to school to work on my WIP's between classes. The student center and library have outlets and WiFi, so I should be GTG. Maybe, if I can learn how to structure a sentence, my editor won't complain so loudly about the trivial (to me) stuff, like comma placement and verb tense. hehe.

Hm, I don't have any news on And Then yet, but the minute I do, I'll let you know. (unless it's a rejection, then you might have to wait a few days for me to get over the blues.)

Okay, back to work for me. Gotta get as much done on TS4 as I can before the 22nd. Oh, the 16th is when I have Freshmen Orientation and registration. You never know... You might want to start classes yourself some day and if you're like me, any information that will prepare you is important. It's been over 20 years since I've been in a classroom and it's a touch nerve wracking. I'll let you know how it comes out.

Brenda Bryce [userpic]


July 26th, 2007 (08:43 pm)

I decided to take a moment and let you all know what I've been up to.
First, the teens and I did a bunch of necessary household chores. Not normal things like dishes or mopping, but we got the mowing done and I've been working in the garage. My books have been in boxes since we moved here and darned if the garage doesn't flood everytime we get a good bout of rain. AUUGGHH! My books are fine, due to the oldest daughter and I being OCD and filling the books into trashbags then putting the bags in the boxes. They have saved the proverbial bacon. I went down and got some really huge plastic bins and have been putting the books into the bins and making a precise list of whats going where.

That's taking time.

And, tonight, I've filled out my community college paperwork. Oh, boy. I'm going to be a forty year old student in the same school as one of my teens. Give it another year and two, and I'll have the other two there too.
I want to get my English degree so I can write. :) Well, properly, that is. If nothing else, I'll know where to put the darned commas.

I'm still working on TS4 so don't worry, it will get done. Even if I have to take my laptop to school and work on the story between classes, that's what I'll do.

That's where I'm at. Wish me luck.

Brenda Bryce [userpic]

Going Nowhere 2: Howling At Twilight Released!!!

July 17th, 2007 (07:12 pm)


Title:  Going Nowhere 2: Howling at Twilight 

Author: Brenda Bryce

Cover Artist: Christine M. Griffin

Series: Going Nowhere; Previous Book: Howling in the Moonlight

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Shifter Suspense

Length: Novel 
ISBN: 978-1-59632-487-9

There are wolves in Nowhere, and now, through a quirk of fate - and the bloody murder of her brother and most of her family - Chrysanthemum Hollister is one of them. Her orphaned baby niece is not, which makes it imperative for Chrys to shift back to human form.


No problem, she's a werewolf, she can do that, right? Wrong. In order to shift, Chrys needs the help of the man who changed her. That man is dead at her own hands.


When Donovan Vitello, the North American Werewolf Clan's hunter, finds a woman covered in the blood of a killer and in the throes of her first shift into a werewolf, he knows the clock is ticking. He'll do anything he can to help her survive and make her his genetic mate. His attraction to the beautiful red wolf cannot be denied, but more than that, she may just be the only one who can save his life.


Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Sex while in shifted form, violence.

You can get it now!!!



Brenda Bryce [userpic]

Books, News, Books!

July 9th, 2007 (05:39 pm)

I'm doing the computer desk chair dance. (It's really hard to do, so don't knock it till you try it.)

I've just finished And Then and sent it off to my Critique Partners. The story is m/m and it's my first try. A short, that is as yet, uncontracted. I'll start sending it round once the CP's get done with it. They are all m/m writers and are well known, so they will be a great help.

I'll be starting on Johann's book now. The Society 4: Guardian's Spell and I want to get it done ASAP. 

Keep your eyes open for Going Nowhere 2: Howling at Twilight because it will be released really soon at Loose Id.

I think that's all my news right now. Man, am I tired. (as I reach for the notebook to start on the plotline for Johann's book).

One last thing. 

Happy Birthday to Jeigh Lynn and JL Langley.


Brenda Bryce [userpic]

Been a while

June 30th, 2007 (07:49 pm)

I know it has, but I guess I've been busy. Trying to get a book done (that still isn't), editing Howling at Twilight, which is due out pretty soon, dealing with teens and hubby being across the contry, well... I've been hot and tired. Freaking air conditioner.

Anyway, keep your eyes out for GN2: Howling at Twilight within the next few weeks. I'll keep you updated. Edits are nearly done, and woohoo! I can't wait.

Now to finish my male/ male short story so I can get on with Johann's story.

Brenda Bryce [userpic]

Possessive Nouns

June 10th, 2007 (12:29 pm)

All right, One of my CP's asked about possessive Nouns. I found these sites on apostrophes and possessive nouns, and I'm sure there are more. Let me know if you find any better ones.





Brenda Bryce [userpic]

Diets and Edits

June 4th, 2007 (06:27 pm)

Woohoo! The edits went well and I sent them back to the editor. Yay. And another piece of news. I stood on my scale and it said... 177.4. I think I like this scale. Yes, it's the same one that told me the BAD news, but I'm liking it more and more each day.
Hm... Let's see. Nothing exciting to impart, but here are two pieces of info I found out today. 

1. Know-it-all is hyphenated.
2. So is double-oh-seven.

Now you know.

Hyphens are a pita (and if you don't know what that means... Pain In The @$$), and even my editor admits they kick her butt. 
I found these sites:



I'm sure there are more, (and for your information, I'm putting these links in my live journal for me, mostly. LOL) but I figure three is a good enough start.
This is a good place to put info that I need to remember. Little pieces of paper get lost, and my memory is a sieve. sigh.

Okay, I'm going back to work on my wip. Yall have a great evening.

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